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Panther Glass & Upholstery is a designated ICBC Glass Claims installer as well as approved ICBC Glass Express Facility, this means that when you need your windshield repaired fast, we can take care of it right here with no need to set up an appointment at an ICBC location - this means you will be taken care of quickly! We also handle Private Insurance Claims in the same manner.

Panther Glass Technicians are Government Certified and handle your vehicle with care ensuring that installation of your new windshield is done correctly with proper techniques and products from protection during removal to primer and urethane application for a solid bond. Rear and side window replacements are handled with the same approach.

We pride ourselves in knowing that you will leave with peace of mind that your windshield has been replaced right the first time.

Rock Chips

Sometimes a windshield can avoid being replaced, in the event of a Rock Chip, please call us or stop by to see if we are able to repair that chip! If caught early enough, we may be able to seal and save your windshield for a fraction of the cost of a new windshield.

Marine & RV Glass

Your recreational vehicle may need a repair, we handle that too. Specific glass installation is required for these custom windows for repair or replacement.

Residential & Commercial

Your home or building may need a repair or replacement - we are here to help you out both with sealed units and tempered glass options. We have privacy glass options with various patterns to create a unique look.

Automotive Leaks

Have a leak? They can be pesky to locate and to fix - let us track the source down! Water typically finds a path of least resistance and before you know it your vehicle's interior or trunk is wet - this can damage the fabrics and cause mold to appear if not attended to. We're experienced in finding the source of the problem and making sure it's fixed correctly